Soft Light Laser

Soft Light Laser

Have you thought about giving your face a boost ?

Why not try the Softlight laser Skin rejuvenation peel…..

Pure light

Pure complexion

Pure genius

Exfoliation with the Softlight laser peel removes your skins tough dull outer layer to reveal the soft younger skin beneath. As the laser exfoliates it cleans the skin eliminating impurities, Tightens, brightens and gives a lifting effect leaving your complexion smooth and glowing. It also helps minimise the appearance of open pores and erases the signs of aging by encouraging cell renewal and stimulating collagen production. 

The Softlight laser peel is safe and effective for all skin types. It can be particularly helpful for oily and spotty complexions, as well as dehydrated skin and over time can help reduce the appearance of mild scaring and pigmentation.Most commonly, treatment sites that benefit from this peel include face neck, décolleté and hands.Treatment times average approximately 30 minutes for face and neck depending on the skin type and required results treatment intervals are recommended every 4-5 weeks.The treatment involves no harsh chemicals or acids and there is no recovery time. Softlight laser peel gives you lasting results you can see and enjoy right away. You may return to normal activities immediately after your treatment.

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